September 2021: International USPS shipments continue to be affected by COVID-19; details below. Australia is partially restricted (no USPS). Domestic USPS and private courier (DHL and UPS) shipments are generally in a good state with minimal to no delays.


September 15, 2021

  • Australia: USPS suspension until further notice due to COVID-19 related issues. UPS and DHL remain available.

August 13, 2021

  • Domestic USPS: Typically minimal to no delays.
  • International USPS: Moderate to significant delays in both flight frequency and customs processing. The severity of the delays varies widely by country and final destination city; although uncommon, the worst cases can see up to 2 months of delayed delivery. A small handful of international destinations remain suspended due to no active flights; country-specific details can be viewed on the official USPS website.
  • DHL and UPS: Typically no delays.

January 01, 2021

  • United Kingdom: Orders to the UK now require a minimum order value of $190 USD before shipping costs due to Brexit changes in VAT laws for foreign merchants. There is no technical checkout barrier against placing an order with a pre-shipping value under $190 USD but any such orders will unfortunately see manual cancellation with full refunds.