A sizeable handful of sleeving options currently lack swatch photographs. For samples missing below, feel free to ask for photos on the Discord.

Note: All swatches photographed under 90+ CRI 5500K "daylight" and color corrected for best accuracy on IPS panels and Apple Retina displays. Colors may display poorly on VA and TN panels due to the shortcomings of these panel types.


  • Black, White, Grey, Brown, Red, Rust, Orange, Yellow, Moss, Green, Blue, Marine, Cobalt, Lavender


Each list item below opens a corresponding page showing the chosen Techflex over all paracord options 


Each list item below opens a corresponding page showing the chosen MDPC-X over all paracord options 

Not yet photographed:

  • Shade 19
  • Liquid Carbon (Black/Transparency)
  • Aluminum Grey
  • Vanilla Sands
  • Gulf Blue
  • Grand Bleu


All paracord-only swatches are shown below to display the full color vibrancy of the inner base sleeving before double sleeving is added to create the above Techflex and MDPC-X samples.