We are a small, California-based two-person (husband & wife) workshop. Before Coaxius, we were only hobbyists in our free time, reporting to our product development jobs by day and simply enjoying mechanical keyboards by night. Our time in high-end product development shaped us indelibly for the future and led directly to how we approach cable design today. For those curious, you may read our industrial design philosophy hereFor a little about us:

Austin fell into the keyboard rabbit hole first, in early 2018. He builds the cables and is the one most present on Discord. He prefers the MX-HHKB layout and is currently exploring "light tactile" switches after a long run of huge bump variants (holy pandas et al.)

Hannah joined the hobby shortly after upon playing with switch testers. She keeps the gears turning on the administrative side in addition to running a separate, non-keyboard design studio. She prefers the TKL layout and has enjoyed light-medium weight linears from the very beginning.